This year, we’re pleased to announce that there will be a few comics premiering at NCC this year and we’ll be bringing you more info over the next few weeks.

First up is a comic from writer Jon Laight and artist Matt Strott.

Late Knights:A Sense of Steel is the latest comic from writer Jon Laight. He’s managed to recruit the brilliant Matt Strott to do all the artwork for the all ages spy adventure which is the first time either creator has written for the younger generation of comic readers. Spurred on by the fact they have children themselves who love to read, Jon and Matt have brought the Late Knights to life, a normal family by day but by Knight transform into super skilled super spies keeping the world safe from the ever increasing super villains. With Ken Reynolds on letters and co-editing duties, the book has been successfully Kickstarted and will be officially launching at Nottingham Comic Con on Oct 14th.

Make sure you make a bee line for Level-8’s table and pick up their awesome new all ages book!