We’re massively honoured to announce a new guest. He’s someone who’s had HUGE success with his comic titles and recently had his book series commissioned for an animated Netflix series!

Please welcome the AMAZING Luke Pearson, creator of the Hilda series.

How did you start making comics?
I’ve been drawing them on-and-off since I was a kid, going through various phases. I guess I got to a technically proficient place while I was at university, I did some small press stuff and then ended up working with Nobrow.

You’ve made a wide variety of genre comics, how did Hilda come about?
The character was one that I’d been drawing in my sketchbook for a while but I wasn’t really sure who she was. The world of the comics came partly from an interest in Scandinavian Folklore and partly just from a desire to see a fantasy world with a particular vibe that I wasn’t getting from anywhere else.

How did NoBrow become involved with Hilda?
I did some stuff for Nobrow as a student and they approached me about making a short comic. I had this character and some vague ideas about this world so I used them and it ended up being Hildafolk, which ended up being the first book in a series.

Hilda the Netflix TV show will be premiering 21st September, tell us how that happened and your involvement in the show.
The show was developed by Silvergate Media (who make the show Octonauts) and picked up by Netflix later. I’ve been involved since pretty early on – in story, writing, character design. I storyboarded the title sequence and drew the title cards. Oversaw casting and the voice records. I did a bit at every stage.

What are you currently working on?
I’m still working on the show and I’m also working on the next Hilda book.

What will you have for us in October at NCC?
Just myself and the Hilda back catalogue.

Luke will also be appearing on one of our panels this year, so come hear all he has to say!

This is a HUGE deal for NCC this year and we’re so honoured to have Luke with us. Make sure you stop by his table and pick up ALL of his Hilda books. And of course check out the new animated series coming to Netflix end of September!

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