As with last year we’re planning on having live music throughout the day again, but unlike last year where the music was in the same area as the artists, making it a little difficult to make conversation, this year we have a separate area for the music.

We’ll have a number of local bands and artists performing for you this year, starting with…

IMG_9209-EditThree Thirds Below. If you were at Nerd Fest last year you’ll recognise the name, and so you should!

We put a few questions to the guys:

For those who don’t know, can you tell us who you are and your influences?

We are Three Thirds Below, Post Hardcore/Pop Punk band from Nottingham & Derby, providing only the best, music, stage moves, and eye candy you can get from a band on the scene at the moment! The list of influences that we each have is a little endless, so I guess if you want to know how we sound, try to imagine The Beatles, My Chemical Romance, and The Offspring smashed together, in an eclectic cacophony of Riffs, Solos and Harmonies

You played Nerd Fest last year, how did you find it?

In a word, it was incredible! The event was swarming with fantastic artists, who each took the time to talk to us about various different projects we required art work for, There where people-a-plenty flocking around tables and the stage, each purchasing, enquiring and generally nerding out, but most importantly there were tons of awesome cos-players! For the first time at an event I think the band felt like we weren’t the overdressed ones!

What have you been up to since last October?

Since last October, after many gruelling months, we’ve finally got our 5 track EP completed, which we will be selling at the event, as well as a hoard of band merchandise! We’ve been gigging hard, writing hard, and occasionally partying hard, all whilst trying to get noticed in the music industry.

What can we expect from you at this year’s Nottingham Comic Con?

More of the fantastic same: Large hair, rock and roll tattoos, jumping up and down, and maybe even (if you’re lucky) some of our music.

Check out Three Thirds below:


Go get your tickets and you’ll get a gig to remember! £1 of every standard ticket sold will be donated to our chosen charities!
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