Yet another comic is making it’s premiere appearance at NCC this year and it’s the long awaited return of Midnight Man but Mo Ali and Andy Bloor!

Midnight Man: Gunspace

Artist/Letterer/Designer: Andy Bloor
Writer: Mo Ali

Published by: Bad Mother Publisher
Price: tbc

“MIDNIGHT MAN: GUNSPACE” – an original graphic novel debuts at Nottingham Comic Con 2017

The masked time-jumping vigilante MIDNIGHT MAN is back for a brand new adventure that’s literally out of this world!

Having failed to prevent insidious time-spanning aliens from interfering in human events, Midnight Man blasts off into space looking for answers. What he finds will test him like never before: wild interstellar space battles, bizarre sentient worlds, ancient doorways through time and beyond space, and a shocking truth that will make Midnight Man question his very existence!

So get ready for more TEMPORAL. BULLET. ACTION!

Courtesy of MIDNIGHT MAN. (You’re welcome).

MIDNIGHT MAN: Gunspace is an original independent graphic novel from artist Andy Bloor (WOLFMEN, ANDYTHOLOGY) and pushcart prize nominated writer Mo Ali (DREAMCATCHER), and featuring pin-up art by award-winning artist John McCrea (JUDGE DREDD, HITMAN).

Praise for MIDNIGHT MAN:

“I read a comic and enjoyed it, and I’m hard to please these days. Slick economical writing, with jokes; clean energetic art that does the business. Starts fast and never finds the brake”Jamie Delano: Hellblazer, Animal Man, Leepus Books

“I love Midnight Man!”Lexi Alexander, Filmmaker/ Director: Punisher Warzone, Supergirl, Arrow

“Ethically inverted Doctor Who as a gun opera, Warren Ellis does two-fisted Doctor Strange”Kieron Gillen: The Wicked + The Divine, Uncanny X-Men, Phonogram

Midnight Man: Gunspace will be available to buy at Nottingham Comic Con 2017 and online thereafter: