Another premiering comic at this year’s NCC is Unfamiliar Skies Volume 2 by Sam Webster:

The series follows Claris Muston, a 19 year old who was born on a space colony bound for an Earth-like planet. Claris doesn’t want to be confined to the colony ship and resents having had her future decided for her. She steals a scout ship and sets off to take control of her own fate!

Unfortunately for Claris, she’s still young, rash, and impulsive, quickly finding herself getting into trouble and easily being led and manipulated by others. Over the course of the series, Claris will grow, mature, and become stronger, but right now she’s a whirlwind of rebellion.

The series was inspired by Carl Sagan’s “The Pale Blue Dot”, the idea that, in the grand scheme of the universe, our planet, our struggles, our advances, our very lives, are fleeting. Our self-importance is somewhat arrogant. That said, you do have more of an impact on the world around you than you realise, people do care for you, and you and your life are more important than you realise. When my children were born, I saw the infinite potential and sense of hope held in them. It’s about finding that self-worth despite the overwhelming sense of insignificance the sheer scale of existence can impose on you.