Yet another Premiere! And this time, it’s also a birthday bash! 10 years!! Timebomb Comics presents their latest comic; Ragamuffins.

Written by Steve Tanner, artwork by Mike Bunt & Ben Lopez, lettered by Bolt-01 and with a  cover by David Morris.
Here’s what ragamuffins is about:

Time – an infinite chronal tapestry with endless interwoven strands that occasionally fray, work loose, or tear completely.

Rips in time.

When that happens the tear could spread, rippling outwards and causing devastating anomalies. Worse, it could bring about the Epochalypse.

So the Chronoverse has to be repaired – Fast.

And that can only be done by the Ragamuffins – Gorgeous George, Ruby Redd, Pussywillow and Lord Kevin – a group of bizarre Paradoxters tasked with the care and repair of universal time.

So it’s a 60 page full colour graphic novel, but it’s also Time Bomb’s way of marking 10 years of publishing.  We launched on 14th October 2007 – a decade later to the day we’re celebrating our anniversary at Nottingham Comic Con!  Steve Tanner will obviously be there, but he’s bringing Ragamuffins artists Mike Bunt, Ben Lopez & David Morris with him.

Be sure to pick up ALL the premiering comics at this year’s NCC! Only a week to go!