sent-cover01-copyA couple of years ago we managed to convince the very talented and funny Dan Berry to come to NCC…and guess what, he’s back for more!!
He’s the presented/creator of the Make it then Tell Everybody podcast…oh and he also makes comics…and teaches comics…!24-x-7

What have you been up to since the 2014 NCC?

Since the last NCC I was at in 2014 I’ve been up to a whole bunch of things. I’ve continued to make the Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast (currently up to episode 138 at time of writing), I’ve published a few short books, notably the 24 hour comics I’ve done at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. The collection of the stories from 2014, entitled 24 by 7 and published by Fanfare was nominated for an Eisner Award in the best anthology category.

vase2I’ve also been working with the writer David Gaffney on a book entitled The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head. The project was launched at TCAF in Toronto and was presented as a performance with live music by Sara Lowes at the Lakes festival in October last year. David and I enjoyed working together and are working on another book right now.

duckWhat have you got in store for us at this year’s con?
I’ll have copies of all my books and will (if you ask very nicely) draw you as if you were a bird.

So pleased to have Dan back, make sure you grab some of his work on the day, trust me, it’s awesome stuff!!