We have another guest for this year’s NCC. This amazing artist has been working hard on a whole load of critically acclaimed comics since his last appearance with us. Please welcome back Martin Simmonds.

How long have you been in the Comic’s industry?

Professionally, since 2014 when I started work on Death Sentence: London (written by Monty Nero), but I started work on my very first comic collaboration in 2012, which was Mike Garley’s zombie anthology Dead Roots.

What is your latest release/project?

I’ve not long wrapped up on Punks Not Dead Volume 2, and now I’m working on a new creator-owned series (with Joe Hill) to be released early next year. 

What have you been up to since we last saw you a couple of years ago? 

Since my last visit to Nottingham Comic Con, I’ve worked on two volumes of Punks Not Dead (written by David Barnett), worked with Alex Paknadel  on the five issue mini series Friendo (Vault Comics), and done a fair few covers for Marvel – Quicksilver, Jessica Jones and a variant cover for the soon-to-be-released New Mutants: War Children one-shot. I was also lucky enough to contribute some sequential pages to Immortal Hulk a while back.

What is your top tip for those wanting to work in the industry?

Keep working hard, keep learning, and be nice, always.

Any other information you would like to include about you?

I don’t think so.

What is your all time favourite comic?

That’s a tough one, there are so many to choose from, but I’m going to say Locke & Key (honourable mentions go to Scalped and Hellblazer).

If you could work on anything what would it be?

I’d love a crack at Hellblazer. 

What did you want to do for a job when you were growing up?

Comic artist and/or musician

Where do you find is the best place to work on Comics? 

In the studio, headphones on listening to music, or with some sport on the TV if possible. Preferably snooker, cricket or tennis.

What is your Top Tip for those reading comics?

Support your local comic shop!

Make sure you visit Martin’s table this year and pick up his awesome Punks not Dead series!!!

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