We have yet another guest for you. She’s been the artist on Rick and Morty and Kim Reaper among others. She’s also been nominated for the Emerging Talent Award 2014/15 at the British Comic Awards – please welcome Sarah Graley!

How did you get into comics?
I’ve always been into drawing, but picking up Sonic The Comic at a young age I think is what got me onboard! I drew so many of my own Sonic comics to bring to show and tell at school when I was kid, and once I started I just kept going! 

How did the Rick and Morty gig come about?
I was contacted by Ari Yarwood (my now editor at Oni Press!) who asked if I wanted to pitch anything after seeing my webcomics. I said I was really digging the Rick and Morty series and would love to send something over, to which she suggested I pitch a standalone issue. From that we then went on to making the Rick and Morty five issue miniseries.

You’re currently working on the Kim Reaper series, again for Oni Press, did that come off the back of your work on R&M?
I think so! I think Ari wanted me to pitch something original when she first got in touch, so when we were wrapping up on Rick and Morty she asked me again to send another pitch. We also have so much fun working together, so I’m super happy Kim Reaper went ahead ‘cos we get to keep the team together!

What will you have for us at NCC in October?
I’ll have all four issues of the first Kim Reaper arc for sale, along with a new travel diary comic titled ‘Our Super American Adventure’! I’ll also have my other books, Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar, Pizza Witch and Our Super Adventure, along with pins and t-shirts.


Be sure to stop by Sarah’s table in October and pick up ALL of her books!!!!!!

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