549033_538731266168389_1363880279_nLast year we had the very awesome Hellfire Harlots Roller Derby team attend (although they were a tad stifled by dreaded carpets!!) and so…

Please welcome back Nottingham’s one and only Helfire Harlots!

For those who don’t know, what is Roller Derby?

Roller derby is just amazing! It’s fast, it’s fierce and it’s beyond exciting to watch.

Roller derby is a contact sport played on quad roller skates by predominantly women but also men and sometimes, we all play together!

Tattoo Freeze_c. Russell Stainer

Tattoo Freeze_c. Russell Stainer

– You have an oval track and two teams made up of up to 14 players a side.
– The whistle blows and five skaters from each team, four blockers and one jammer (the point scorer), come out on to the track and await the official first whistle, the jammers behind the jam line, the blockers in front.
– The jammers have to get past all the blockers, race around the track to catch up to everyone again and every skater that they then pass on the opposing team, they score a point for. The jammer who got out of the pack first is declared lead and she can then call off the jam at any time by tapping her hips… unless she commits a penalty and then the jam runs for two minutes.
– The blockers job is to help their jammer and hinder the opposing jammer so every player has to play offensively and defensively which means you have to think smart and fast.

Skaters can hit with their hips and their shoulders but forearms, elbows, tripping, hitting with the head and smashing into someone’s back are all forbidden. I’ve seen smart players take girls off their feet and send them flying, it’s why we have suicide seats at bouts because there is a real possibility of getting some badass skater land in your lap!

Come and watch us play some time, we’ll show you a good game!

seasidesirens_c. MartynBoston

seasidesirens_c. MartynBoston

How did the Hellfire Harlots come about?


Eight women had big dreams of being the strongest roller derby team they could be. They had no clue what they were doing, but all of them had such drive and motivation that they quickly rallied to chose a name, create a democratic structure, hire venues and begin training. Four years later, there are 70 of us now chasing our derby dreams. We’re the highest ranked team of the 12 leagues based in the East Midlands and ranked 25th in Europe. Which for us is a massive achievement. We’re currently working hard to aim for the top 10!


We had you at Nerd Fest last year, but unfortunately that old nemesis, a carpet, held you guys back a bit. How did you find last year’s event, bar this “set back”?

We had such a great time last year, it really didn’t matter that it felt so unnatural to wear shoes instead of skates! We met some really incredibly people, got our photographs taken with stormtroopers and got to talk about roller derby and everything Nerdfest all day. Best. Day. Ever.

Toulouse2_c. Florent Lagasse

Toulouse2_c. Florent Lagasse

Ooh, that would be telling! Let’s just say, there are going to be a lot of very excited Harlots wanting everyone to come and skate with us! Our fresh meat programme starts on 6th October so we’re coming for you! Can’t skate? It doesn’t matter because we teach you!

We are also launching loads of new Hellfire Harlots merch at Nottingham Comic Con so you lucky, lucky people will be the first to lay eyes on it all and have the chance to purchase our new stuff along with our classic tshirts, stickers, badges and patches.

Come and see the roller girls!

Grab yourselves a ticket! They will be available on the door (if we haven’t sold out that is!!), BUT at a higher price, so get them now! Remember £1 of every standard ticket sold will go to our selected charities.

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