Our Nephew Sam has put himself forward to travel to Tanzania next year for a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience whilst also helping others.

The trip includes a Trek across Maasai lands, spending time with the Maasai, contributing to elephant conservation and working on a reforestation project at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Sam will become immersed in the way of life in Tanzania, learning about the people, the place the culture and helping with projects to improve the future!

Sam will come home having experienced things he could never imagine, will have contributed towards the life of another community and will have gained invaluable knowledge such as:

  • How to build on his own self-care strategies after having worked with new people
  • How to work outside of his comfort zone
  • Developed of initiative, confidence, and resilience
  • Learnt transferable skills whilst making a positive impact for others
  • A greater understanding of how to act for a more sustainable future
  • An understanding of the role we play within our global community

For the trip he needs to raise some pennies towards his travel and accommodation, and not shy of hard work he is wants to earn it. So we have put together a project to do just that

So, Sam’s Surprise Sketches was born; you place an order and you receive Surprise Hand Drawn Art by Sam. There are three options – Sketch Card, A5 or A4. The surprise bit is the character, you won’t know what you have got until it lands on your doorstop! Head to the shop and get your piece of awesome now whilst helping to fund the trip for Sam!

If you want to buy a surprise piece of Art please contact us on kelly@piddleypix.com (A4 – £20, A5 – £10 and Sketch Card – £5 plus Postage)