Guest – Lew Stringer

Lew Stringer is a writer and artist of humour comics and has been freelancing in the UK comics industry for almost 40 years. His credits involve work for a range of age groups including Combat Colin for Marvel UK, Tom Thug for Fleetway, The Pathetic Sharks for Viz, Team Toxic for Toxic Magazine and many more. He’s been published in The Dandy, Oink!, Buster, Sonic the Comic, and numerous other titles. He’s also had a lifelong interest in the history of British comics and has written articles for the BBC website, Comics World magazine and others. Recent work has included Pup Parade for The Beano, The Daft Dimension for Doctor Who Magazine, and Sgt Shouty for The77.

Guest – Emily McGorman-Bruce

Please welcome Emily McGorman-Brice as a guest for this year!

Emily joined us for the first time at Nottingham Comic Con and we can’t wait to see her and her awesome work. Emily makes comics, draws detailed lifework with dip pens and illustrates weekly cartoon strips in the Beano!

Drawing since she was young, Self-publishing since 2012 and working for Beano since 2017!

Check out her talent here