Long Gone Don by Lorenzo etherington brothersWe were very pleased and honoured to be able to have these amazing creators with us last year and they’re back for more! A HUGE hit with young and old alike…

Please welcome back The Etherington Brothers!!

LONG GONE DON 26 by the Etherington BrothersWelcome back to NCC. How did you find NCC 2015?
Last year’s show was really special for us, as it marked our return to conventions after several years tied to the drawing board working on books! It was fantastic to be a part of such an exciting new convention, both the guests and the attendees were full of enthusiasm for all things comic, and we spent the entire show talking non-stop!

You entertained so many last year, both young and old…what sage advice were you dishing out?
I think the most important thing we communicate to our readers at shows is our love for the medium of comics, and all the possibilities they hold. We do our best to pass on that passion to whoever is foolish enough to pause by our table!

What have you been working on since October?
Since October Robin and I have jointly been working on the Epic 4th and 5th book-length adventures of Long Gone Don for The Phoenix, and separately we’ve been completing several new Von Doogan and Freaky and Fearless books.


What will you have for us in October?
We’ll once again be bringing our entire back catalogue, including Long Gone DonBaggage, YORE!Monkey Nuts, and my giant sketchbooks, and we’ll also have the brand new Von Doogan and the Great Air Race book, and TWO new Freaky and Fearless illustrated Novels … and maybe something else too…!

Make sure you visit the Etherington Brothers’ table and pick a ton of their books!!! And if you can’t wait tip October then visit their site!