One of our musical guests this year are the Fighting Nightingales. This 3 piece spoken word musical group are bringing their unique sounds to NCC this year.

General Band Intro

Join The Fighting Nightingales for a world of tall tales set to strange music. Stories of pathetic Greek gods, indestructible bluesmen, misunderstood monsters, trains and friendly Satanists scored to sound of flamenco guitar, blues guitar, harmonica and North African percussion.

Peter Nightingale – (Drums) 

Peter Nightingale learned to drum in the Boy’s Brigade back in the 1950s. He appeared in numerous bands with names like The Bopnicks, Decanter, Savannah, and The Bent Society. Pete took a two-decade hiatus from drumming to pursue a career in theatre design. Peter is a master props maker, having designed exotic devices for theatre, the museum sector and television (including an electric wobble board for…erm….disgraced National Treasure Rolf Harris).  

Pete took up the drums again around twenty years ago and hasn’t stopped drumming since.  There isn’t a sick or ailing drum that he can’t resurrect. He owns about two hundred of them and can make a cymbal out of anything reasonably flat and metallic.  

Mark Nightingale – (Twelve-String Stick and Flamenco Guitar) 

Mark Nightingale is a former dancer turned experimental musician. He once heroically refused the opportunity to dance in a masked orgy scene in an infamous Tom Cruise movie in order to honour his word to a touring Theatre in Education company taking Shakespeare to comprehensive schools.  

No longer quite so limber, his dancing days behind him, Mark has mastered the twelve-string stick and flamenco guitar. As far as Mark is aware, he is the only practitioner of the twelve-stringed stick in town. This makes him simultaneously the best and worst stick player in the Greater Nottingham area.  

Adam Nightingale – (Spoken Word Vocals)

Adam Nightingale trained as an actor at Guildford School of Acting where he was accidently stabbed in the face by a future star of children’s television. In his time Adam has been a film critic, museum educator, the author of five books on history and the writer and presenter of NG Digital’s The Hood Free Zone. He has irritated the late Alan Rickman, been shouted at by the late Christopher Lee, sworn at by the late Leslie Grantham and sworn at by the currently still alive Bonnie Langford. Adam appeared as an extra in Spice World the Movie.  He is not ashamed.