We’re ecstatic to announce that one of the nicest blokes in comics is returning to us again this October (just don’t ask about the microwave incident at Thought Bubble). Welcome back our good friend and DC artist extraordinaire, Chris Wildgoose!

We missed you at NCC last year, but it looks like you’ve been busy. How has Batgirl been going?

Sadly I jumped off Batgirl just before Christmas. I left a little earlier than originally planned for a new thing for DC. Technically it has been announced but the creative team hasn’t, so I frustratingly have to wait until I can properly say what I’m on. However I can confirm I am still alive, working for DC but still having a lot of fun. Sorry to be so annoyingly enigmatic just now.

To top off the madness of recent months Porcelain: Ivory Tower came out sort of perfectly in between my DC projects, so It’s felt like things haven’t stopped. I’m so, so proud how that book turned out. It took a long time and ran alongside my Batgirl work, which nearly killed me but all the late nights, tears and probably now permanent dark rings under my eyes it all actually feels worth it!

After the awesome series that is Porcelain are there any future plans for it and the characters?

A big yes! We have an idea for two more books of Porcelain. We want to see our girl into old age and maybe have some redemption for all the things she has done. We just want to see her through to old age as we know she is only going to be more interesting as the years go on. I think we’ll be doing something new next as a little break from Porcelain but I think it’s safe to say we will be going back into Porcelain before too long.

Ben and I also had a bit of brain storm recently about three little short stories we wanted to do. One would jump back to before book one so we could see Child again and see her living life and urchin before the events of book 1. Another would be a sort of ‘day in the life’ of Ari & Tori before the events of Ivory Tower We also talked of a third one, alas right now I can’t remember it, I’m sure Ben has it scribbled on a French coaster somewhere!  So essentially Yes we’ll be back in the porcelain world before too long, we love it too much.

Any personal projects you’re working on that you can tell us about?

If I had more time, yes. I’m doing a vague bit of writing now and again to try out some things I had in mind but I’m a long shot from showing anyone anything just now, I wouldn’t put anyone through that torture!

What will you have for us in October?

It’ll be the first time back to Nottingham since Porcelain: Ivory Tower so I’ll have some shiny new copies of that. I’m intending in having a new Porcelain print finished by then which I’ll have with me and I’m hoping that the new DC project will have been properly announced by then so I’ll likely have some sneaky peeks of that too. Maybe some odd spots of commission work if people are interested too. If so, drop me a message on twitter or in Email!

Pick up Chris’s books at NCC and make sure you get a commission from him, he’s awesome!!

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