He’s been a regular to NCC since the very beginning, and as long as we’re able we’ll always have him back!!

Please welcome the ever awesome Marc Laming!

Marc Laming is comic book artist & illustrator living in the United Kingdom. He is currently working for Marvel, Valiant and on a new ongoing creator owned book.

He has been luck enough to work with almost every major comic book company (Archie Comics be warned, he’s coming for you) in the last six years on titles such as The Fantastic Four, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, American Century, Savage Sword Of Conan, Daredevil, Ninjak and Exile On The Planet Of The Apes.

What have you been up to since October?

I’ve drawn loads of covers and few comics for Valiant

What have you in the pipeline (that you’re allowed to talk about)?

Hopefully more work at Marvel my as yet unannounced top secret creator owned book and some other stuff I can’t talk about yet.

What tips would you have for other Exhibitors?

Have fun and get the teas in 😉

What will you have for us this year?

A new sketchbook & prints and I’ll be happy to draw and sign for folks.

We’re so pleased to have such an A list artist with us once again, so make sure you pop by Marc’s table and get his latest sketchbook, a print or two and a sketch!