Our favourite siblings will once again be returning to Nottingham. It’s been 2 years since they stepped foot in our little event, and with a number of HUGELY successful kickstarters behind them, the Etherington Brothers have returned!!

It’s been two years since we had you at NCC, what have you guys been doing with yourselves?
We’ve been busy working on lots of books – Robin completed his Freaky and Fearless Trilogy, the second Long Gone Don book came out, we launched our huge free online tutorials series, How to Think When you Draw and How to Think when you WRITE, we kickstarted The Art of Stranski, and published Money Nuts books 1 and 2 🙂

How have you found kickstarter and the IMMENSE success you’ve had with it (especially the how to think when you draw)?
If you’re an independently-spirited creator, Kickstarter is an essential part of the landscape now for comic creators, writers and artists. If you’re willing to put in the work, and give EVERYTHING away for FREE first (this is vital) then you can win on Kickstarter. But you always have to come from a point of wanting to give people something really valuable for free first, if you set out just to make money, it never works. The best thing to come from our Kickstarter success is that we can now give more free content and tutorials away that ever. This is what it’s all about for us.

What comics are you currently working on?
We have a number of top secret projects but we can’t talk about them yet, I’m afraid!

What can we expect from you in October?
We’ll be bringing our full back catalogue, as well as many of our new titles, including Monkey Nuts books 1and 2, Long Gone Don and the Terror Cotta Army, The Art of Stranski, and many more!

We’re very excited to have the Etherington boys back with us (especially because it means we can complete our Etherington Bros collection!!), so make sure you go and pick up ALL of their books!!